Welcome to Kids, You Can’t Beat ‘Em!

kycbe-logo-245During the 1990s Kid’s You Can’t Beat ‘Em! (KYCBE), became one of the most recognized brands that turned a once unknown organization into a household name, recognized and embraced by an entire community. The KYCBE program, born in Greenville, SC, became a “call to action” for all citizens in a tri-state region and beyond. The design was created to look like graffiti applied to a brick or block wall. A basic sketch was done and students worked on it over the weekend. Soon after, the campaign was launched and the decision was made to introduce the project like a political campaign.

Signs with “Kid’s You Can’t Beat ‘Em!” began poping up all over town. This happened the same week a press conference was held to unveil the project. The news conference was run by students and featured some “in your face” skits. kycbe-then-nowTens of thousands of bumper stickers co-branded and distributed, and a large number of billboards were posted throughout the community. Several companies painted the logo on the side of their buildings. The unknown charity exploded with sudden high-profile awareness. The campaign was proudly to featured at the International Congress on Children held in Chicago, where students performed skits depicting real life scenarios in three languages. As a result VH1 TV Network came to Greenville to shoot a commercial for one of only three Good News People segments nationwide. Several national companies such as Bi-Lo, BB&T, Life Cereal and Pepsi co-branded their products with the slogan. After a year or so, nearly every other car had a sticker on the bumper or window. The stickers were everywhere. Convenience stores, grocery stores and pizza delivery drivers distributed the stickers widely. Now, during spring and summer 2015, we’re bringing back the program.

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