Kids, You Can’t Beat ‘Em! (KYCBE) empowers students to lead the way for their community, state and nation. Young people can make an impact and create a visionary positive outlook for generations to come. When we lift up today’s children, we influence them in the most profound and powerful ways. Each group has the clear and proven potential to strengthen the resolve of an entire community. The following information illustrates the clear potential for change through empowerment, publicity and volunteer leadership.
When empowered, young people can deliver powerful and effective messaging with real influence to impact positive generational change. In many cases, their ability to do this is greater than adults.

Youthful community advocates can be involved in a wide range of activities from performing skits depicting real life dramatic scenarios to holding car washes to purchase t-shirts for students in their school. Students hold local fundraisers for awareness and teamwork, they can serve as youth ambassadors and have opportunities to make a real difference.

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